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Our partners are:

  • Mitchell Levy (bio)
  • Dean Lane (bio)

Dean Lane, is currently SCC Consulting's Chief Operating Officer, and the CEO for VariTRAK Inc., a Compliance Software Firm. Dean has almost 30 years of hands on experience in IT and company operations, having been a CIO at four different companies: Allied-Signal, Morton-Thiokol, Plantronics, and Masters Institute of Technology. Additionally, he held the Senior IT Director position at Symantec, and was the Corporate Director of Materials for Allied-Signal. Dean has also been a consultant for Ernst & Young, AT&T and the Gartner Group. His experience is global and as found on the Internet, he is considered an expert on outsourcing/offshoring. Dean has completed many interim and mentoring assignments.

Mr. Lane obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of California (UCLA) and his MBA from National University. He serves on the advisory boards for Search CIO, Tech Republic, and SFSU's Center for Electronic Business, is an active member of the Consortium of Information Systems Executives, Executive World, the Project Management Institute, APICS, the CIO Collective, Silicon Valley's Community of Practice and is Past President of SIM's Silicon Valley Chapter. His book, CIO Wisdom, is a Prentice Hall Best Seller that was published three years and a sequel will be published in the first half of 2007. Mr. Lane speaks internationally, most recently the Keynote for the Adam Smith Society in Moscow, has participated in a Hi Tech Economic Mission to Israel, and is a highly decorated US Naval Officer.